Lace Wig are a good alternative to take a break

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29/12/2016 - 04:07 - #1
A wig Lace Wig well laid and adapted to the shape of your face is
completely invisible and imperceptible. One wonders if it is true or
false hair, without ever seeing any flaw.

For people suffering
from alopecia or who have lost their hair following chemotherapy or, who
do not have much hair, Lace Wigs are a good compromise.

Very useful for those who have a nice tuft or long hair but who have enough to comb their hair morning and evening.

For the regulars of straightening, brushings, colorations, Lace Wig are a good alternative to take a break.

The hair does not spoil. They are protected under a bonnet and never come in contact with the glue.

Doing a weaving, straightening or braiding usually takes several hours;
While the laying time of a Lace Wig wig is only a few minutes (half an
hour to 1 hour maximum maximum).

There are a wide variety of Lace Wig wigs: long, mid-length, short cheap real hair wigs, curly, curly, tinted ... Every season its Lace!

The wig will not peel off at the first gust of wind. You can do sports,
(avoid nautical activities) and sleep with. When the wig is held by
glue, it is difficult to do otherwise, but when clamped, it can be
removed at any time.

You can make ponytails high or low,
chignons, a mat with the technique of Full Lace Wig because, the wig all
lace, sticks on the periphery of the head, leaving room for many
fantasies. With the Lace Wig Front, one can not afford everything to the
extent that only the front part of the wig is lace and only sticks on
the forehead and temples. We forget the high hairstyles.

The wig can be kept several weeks on the head and many years in its cupboards, provided you take good care of it.

There are Lace Wig wigs that snap by using integrated combs and pins.
Exit the glue only ... the rendering is not quite the same.