In the wig are also combs and nested clips

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04/01/2017 - 04:55 - #1
In this picture you can see better the wig, which is one of the features
that make a geisha recognizable at first glance. Not a coincidence if
the Tokyo study where I found myself for this transformation is even
called Katsura, which means wig!
In addition to being heavy, a wig of this bill is also costly: can cost several thousand euros!

The most expensive wigs yaki full lace wig, of course, are made of real hair, and decorated by experienced hands.

You are the craftsmen of Kyoto specialized in this type of work, but
their number decreases over time, because demand is more what it used to

Many use maiko styler their own hair, but once you become
geishas, do not have the obligation to wear these hairstyles, they will
buy a wig to wear as the most formal occasions and during the artist's
Performance (especially for dance).

In the wig are also combs and nested clips, sometimes very precious, said kanzashi.