A blonde wig his glasses and nothing else

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11/05/2017 - 07:03 - #1
A blonde wig, his glasses and nothing else: Joko Winterscheidt had to
perform naked in his show "Circus Halli Galli" on Monday evening.
Visibly uncomfortable, the 36-year-old presenter hid behind a leather
sofa, then tried to at least cover his genitals with his hand. "Woe, you
do not pixelt that," he threatened the transmitter ProSieben - because
voluntarily Winterscheidt had not come into the studio without clothes.

The action was a punishment for his colleague Klaas Heufer-circulation
after the last Saturday against Winterscheidt the "duel around the
world" had won. "Yeah, I know I'm a world champion," Heufer said, "at an
event that unfortunately does not give silver medals," he said. He did
not want to adorn himself with his title, but the audience still
deserved a special performance. And then he announced: "Welcome her with
an emotion of her choice the non-world champion Joachim C.

Winterscheidt had to go through a "Walk of Shame". In a scene
reminiscent of the Middle Ages, he was naked into the studio by two dark
figures, and was received with "shame, disgrace". "They threw me on
with mess and salad" human hair half wigs,
complained Winterscheidt and asked his colleague: "When did it really
begin, that there is no winner, but a loser appearance?" Dry answer from
Heufer circulation: "Now."