create signs in the case of tight fitting wedding dresses

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04/12/2018 - 03:46 - #1
Whatever the wedding garment of your wedding, underwear is a detail that
should not be underestimated and it is extremely important to buy the
right one that suits your body and the type of dress chosen.
So let's see the 5 basic rules that will help you choose the perfect bridal underwear for your wedding.
1. Color
White is definitely the most suitable color. However, pastel shades from pink to light blue special occasion dresses, flesh-colored or powder-colored suits are also welcome. Avoid bright colors and excessive details.

2. Bra

In the case of low-cut dresses it is necessary to think of an invisible
bra that is however able to support the most prosperous or slightly
padded breasts and with a push-up effect for the smaller ones.

It is therefore possible to wear bandeau bras or self-adhesive cups that guarantee total invisibility.

Suits with bustiers already feature inside the breast supports while,
for those low-cut on the back, a model of bra that is fastened at the
waist would be indicated.
3. Slip

The model of slip to wear remains a personal choice of the bride,
however it is important to make sure it is seamless, so as not to create
signs in the case of tight fitting wedding dresses and not too tight
the hips forming the famous and annoying "rolls" .
4. Heads "shaping" for the most bridal brides

In case you want to appear leaner on your most important day, there are
body suits and petticoats that contain at least two sizes.