your wedding and look for something original in this sense

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07/12/2018 - 03:00 - #1
We are used to seeing increasingly creative and surprising marriages,
where the chosen theme and the animation must impress the guests and
make the spouses protagonists.
There is a moment of the day that, despite everything, remains traditionally irreplaceable: the launch of the bouquet.

We know what are the beliefs associated with the gesture today but we
do not know much about the origin of this tradition, even if it is
certain that the wedding bouquets existed since ancient times princess wedding dresses uk, made up of herbs and flowers, and were offered to the gods in gratitude and with a propitiatory intent for marriage.

The bouquet of the bride thus maintains its charm unaltered and is perhaps the accessory that you can not really give up.

But if you want to stand out with your wedding and look for something
original in this sense, here are some really unique proposals for
1. Playing on the materials that compose it, look at the
splendor of this bouquet of flowers, of course, the launch is to be
2. Another fantastic idea is to make it with fabric
flowers, choosing a single fabric or a mix. The final result is
delicately soft and (shabby) chic.
3. For an economic solution but
that, if well made, can give life to small works of art, you can
surprise with a bouquet of paper flowers. Especially indicated for
learned brides, lovers of reading.
4. But there are those who go far
beyond and create tasty edible solutions for greedy brides, or edible
bouquets, made with foods like candy or cotton candy or seasonal fruit.
These are our special delicious suggestions: marshmallows or strawberries.