the same three-dimensional embroidery of a lace wedding dress

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27/12/2018 - 03:08 - #1
They are impressive and majestic; use the polystyrene to replace the
sponge cake decorated with cream, sugar paste, real icing or butter
cream. Sometimes they are inspired by the wedding dress, perhaps taking
up the same three-dimensional embroidery of a lace wedding dress; other
times they play with the refined corollas of the wedding bouquet. If you
have any doubt about choosing a dummy cake we will reveal 10 points in
your favor!

1. Imagination will take you everywhere

Einstein said it and probably even the most experienced dummy cake
designers like Maria Paola of Cupcake Boutique Selargius say that the
big advantage is that there is really no limit to the imagination. The
sculpture cakes are able to interpret themes, subjects, planets, they
manage to dress fantasy and originality, creating parallel and
sculptural worlds with a certain effect and a high visual and aesthetic
2. Big is better

Using a cake with dummy tops is almost essential to increase the size of some wedding cakes. It may seem trivial red long bridesmaid dresses,
but considering a cake table with particularly large dimensions,
perhaps immersed in a very large outdoor space, would make the cake
almost invisible, while a dummy, maybe a 7-layer with a first floor of
80 cm in diameter, would guarantee a impeccable scenography.
3. Little expense, so much surrender

With the same size and therefore in the face of an identical
scenographic impact, the dummy cake has lower costs compared to a real
sculptural cake. In fact, polystyrene represents the ideal solution for a
perfect and impeccable yield, safeguarding an excellent quality / price
ratio. In exceptional cases, or where the dimensions of the polystyrene
bases are truly portentous, the price of polystyrene may also be
relevant to the final cost.