the woman is wearing a lovely vintage wedding dress

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10/01/2019 - 06:20 - #1
A photographic set on two wheels
The bike will be the accessory that
will make the difference in your wedding photos. Imagine that splendid
reportage you can make you realize, on the saddle of your mythical
travel companion. Both for the prenuptial service and for the wedding,
choose the scenario with the photographer and then let yourself go: with
the bouquet of flowers in one hand and the helmet in the other long white wedding dress, you will be the pride of all motorcyclists!

In the saddle!
Needless to say Gillne,
your wedding "Just married" will not be hung on any other means other
than ... your legendary motorbike! If you have arranged a wedding set in
a bygone era and the woman is wearing a lovely vintage wedding dress,
you may decide to rent a vintage motorbike, such as a sidecar. This
choice will immediately solve the problem of the length of the female

The bike as a tableau de mariage

If, on the other hand, the idea of using your bike as a means of
transport on your wedding day seems unattainable, do not give up: there
is another possibility for you! Why not "polish it" and use it as a base
for the mariage tableau or for the original wedding favors? Get help
from your wedding planner and free your imagination: you could for
example recover some old wheels (ask a tire dealer or a mechanic of your
area) and arrange them all around the bike, maybe in a rural setting:
you will serve as further support and the final effect will be great.

Yes, we know, the motorcyclists who are reading the article will try to
get on their motorbike even on their wedding day. The problem is that
the wedding hairstyle is likely to crumble with the helmet on his head!
Do not worry: a motorcyclist is always a motorcyclist, even if for once
he wears the wedding dress and sends the motorcycle ride back to the
next day (or to the honeymoon, why not?).